The next meeting of the Cambria Historical Society will be Tuesday, May 19, 2015!

CHS Meeting May 19
The Lockport/Olcott section of the International Railway Company (IRC) turned Olcott, NY into a thriving tourist destination.  For over a quarter of a  century, beginning in 1900, the trolley line carried thousands of visitors from Buffalo to Olcott, where they enjoyed fun activities, cool breezes and relief from city life.

Speaker Jim Retzlaff recently became interested in this important, fascinating operation and has been researching its past and what of it remains. He will inform the group of his findings in this casual conversation about this piece of Western New York history.

In addition, this is a great opportunity to stop in to see what we’ve done with the Cambria Historical Museum over the last few years! Many historical Cambria artifacts, ranging from the Sutherland Sisters, to the pioneering Root family, to 1800s-era quilts and coverlets, to odds-and-ends found in the walls of historic Cambria homes, will be on display.

The Cambria Historical Museum is located at 4153 Lower Mountain Road, Cambria, New York 14094.